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App Documentation - V1.0.0


What is an App

Unlimited3D App is the best way to get all the benefits of Unlimited3D’s cutting edge 3D technology, by building plugins or standalone applications while having access to Unlimited3D’s existing user base.

Why use App

Unlimited3D App enables you to build great 3D products without need for 3D expertise. You can cut down time and money spent on development, engineering and R&D effort, and quickly make world class 3D products. You can also tap into Unlimited3D’s existing user base, instead of trying to build your own.

Getting Started

Create App

In order to create App inside Unlimited3D ecosystem you must contact our support team with initial information about what your use case is. Email for contact is: [email protected]

After introduction and additional clarification, if your app is accepted, the support team will perform necessary steps to create access for your app. Once this is done, you will receive public and secret key, that are needed in order for your app to be able to communicate with Unlimited3D platform.

Once you receive these keys you can start building your app.

Connect Unlimited3D user with your App

First step in your app building journey is to connect Unlimited3D user with your app.

In order to do this, you should redirect the user to the login page of Unlimited3D platform (https://cloud.unlimited3d.com/app/login). You must specify your public key and redirect url (that leads back to your application) as URL parameters.

Example request to the login page:


If the user is already logged in, they will get the authorization popup right away. If they are not, they can login and then accept your app. 

If user authorize your app Unlimited3D platform will redirect them to redirect url you specified in the request and send app_user_id with the request. You can then use this ID to get third party keys for the user.


Get keys for user

Once user accepted your application’s request and app_user_id was sent to your app using redirect url, you can call Unlimited3D platform to get users third party keys. To do this, call get user app info endpoint and send your app’s keys, app_user_id and new_secret flag.

Name Required Type Description
app_user_id yes integer User ID which you get by param in redirect url
new_secret no string Optional field. Values: ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Default: ‘no’. If set to ‘yes’ new third party keys will be generated for the user. If you are calling this first time you have to set it to ‘yes’

Start performing actions on user behalf

Once you receive a user’s third party API keys, you can start calling a third party API to perform actions on the user's account on behalf of that user.

Check out full third party documentation here.

Register and use webhooks

When creating your app, you can also request a creation of a webhook endpoint for your app. In this case, you will also receive webhook secret related to your endpoint. Your app will then get events related to the user's account sent to the webhook endpoint. For more information on webhooks check out webhook documentation.